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Flawed Microsoft ads

And this made it’s way on TV…
I’m a mac user and I love Apple product but I’m not a fanboy. When I buy a computer, I look everywhere at everything and keep objective. It just happened that the latest ad from Microsoft suggest a HP HDX cost under 1 500$ when compared to an Apple computer. I made my way on to the HP and Apple web site and tried to customize the HDX so that it cost under 1 500$ and that it still offer every feature that a MacBook will. I couldn’t done it. The less I came up was close to 2 700$! It look like this ad is just a magnificent error. Here’s why…

A little comparison
Of course, they compare the HP HDX to a macbook and both computer doesn’t even have the same specs. The Macbook Pro is way more powerful at equivalent price and it don’t take 30 minutes just to customize your notebook.

Here is a list of some major differences between the basic HDX that was suggested during the ad and a Basic MacBook Pro :

Difference HP Apple
Processor I honnestly don’t know where the 2.4 gHz came from. They probably took the T6600 which is not even on the Intel processor finder (Wow! Inexistent, old CPU) Intel core 2 duo
2.66gHz, 3mb cache
45nm architechture
Video card Use system memory Use it’s own memory
Memory Need DDR2 with the 9600gt Use DDR3 as system memory
Software Need to buy everything (add close to 500$)
Need Vista ultimate to compete OS X features (add 150$)
iLife built-in, need iWork (add 80$)
Keyboard Standard backlit
Mouse Basic Touch-pad Multi-touch track-pad
Waranty Very basic support (must add a 150$ waranty to compete Apple Care) Basic waranty include advanced support
Setup What? They charge an extra to install your software? (add up 200$)
(Note : end-up reformating the laptop to remove HP crap from it)
Ready to go
Case Multi-part platic/metal
16″ display, 8lb
Aluminium unibody
15.5″ display, 5.5lb

At the end, you have to pay 2 662$ to have a 2 500$ MacBook Pro (lite of course since even with the gt130m 1gb they can’t compete with a 9600gt with built-in memory and much of the components are slower).

Bottom line? That’s exactly what you get with a HDX….

By the way, I’m not an Apple fanboy. It just happend that I took the time to compare both system and there is just no way a 1 500$ or less laptop can compare with a 2000$ laptop. With the info I have, I’d say that even the 9400m would be faster than the 9600 which is in the HDX. In the end, I could get an equal-performance laptop for 1800 where the HDX still cost more than 2600. The only plus of having an HDX is the blue-ray which not that use full. For instance, I never used the DVD drive on my laptop in one year excepted to install Windows on it. When every thing is on HDDs, there is just no need for it. HD movies? There’s iTunes store for that.