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Long silence, a lot of good stuff

Sorry for the long silence. You might have been wondering what where happening here since the release of Snow Leopard. If you where, the answer is “A LOT”. If you weren’t, the answer is still the same! Take a look at what is coming and you’ll certainly like it.

Snow Leopard
I’m pretty sure that you can’t take anything more about this new release of OS X but still, I want to add my word to it. I’ll try to work out a new screen-cast to compare Windows 7 and OS X 10.6 file management systems. I think it will be a nice follow up to the last one which was about networking. It should be on YouTube in about one or two weeks.

As some of you might have heard, I decided to build a nice file server for my home. But, if you follow this blog since its beginning, you know that I can’t stand cheep stuff. So… I might have overkilled it a bit. Look forward to a little how to build your own core i7 based enterprise class server! I’ll also stitch to that my little 4 days adventure to build mine.

I hear you already. YES! I’m STILL going to school. College to be exact. My 5th session in software development started about a month ago and I’m starting to have less and less time so you should expect that the 1-week-1-post formula could be a bit… stretched?

For those interested, my current classes are “Advanced C++ Programming”, “Software Testing Basics”, “Advance Database Programming” and “Advance Computer Network”. If you ever have questions about any computer subject, I should be able to answer them.

That one is a bigger subject. It’s been about two years that the idea first popup with my friends. We finally decided to go on with it and it’s now official: We’re working for an early 2010 opening. We are posted in Québec/Canada, more precisely in the Saint-Jérôme City, and we’re aiming big. The company is named “Centre de Solutions Informatiques” (or “Computer Solution Center” for all of you non-french reader) and we’re doing exactly what the name says. We’re building all-in-one solutions for people and enterprises from low end hardware running Windows up to custom made high end hardware running custom made softwares.

More to come
I know that this is more of a teaser than a real post but, it’s not like I have much time to write right now. You should expect the server story in about a week if nothing goes into my plans.

See you next week!


Flash News: Snow Leopard shipped!

Did you received your copy yet?
I did not… But hey, the package got shipped yesterday (August 27) and with express shipping, I might even get it today! If I do, count on me to do a review of it this weekend. So for those of you how where unsure about if it will ship ON August 28 or FOR August 28, I think you have an answer and it’s the one you where dreaming for 😀

As a side note, the screen cast series will now be about windows 7 vs OS X Snow Leopard since I wont have 10.5 anymore. I’m not sure I’ll have the time to make a new screen cast this weekend but if I do, I’ll keep you posted.

Screen Cast the first

I’ve started a series of screen-cast on youtube that compare some basic features of Windows 7 and OS X Leopard from an end-user point of view. I try to keep a humoristic tone (specially when something goes wrong like in this first video :P). I do one take per OS unless something preventing me from publishing the video happen. The idea is to show how each OS react on a first try. The settings related to the tests where also rested to assure the authenticity of the video.

For the editing part, I try to keep it very close to the original. I will never cut a shot unless it’s preventing me from publishing the video. In that case, there will be a notice in the video. Everything is shot in HD to help you see what I’m doing during the screen-cast.

You can take a look on Youtube if you’re interested. The first part is about some basic file and screen sharing over different network type. Which one is easier to use and what kind of features are to be expected with the DEFAULT OS configuration.

Flash News: Apple released Snow Leopard

Apple unleashed the beast… not quite…
You can already pre-order your copy of snow leopard from the Apple web site. It cost $29 for one license and $59 for the family pack (3 licenses). There’s also a version sold for $169 that include iLife ’09 and iWork ’09, if you want them. It will be shipped on August 28. If you want to be the first to get your hands on it, you might want to say good by to free shipping and pay for the express shipping option.

Get your copy now at www.apple.com and have a good day!

Windows 7 just hit RTM… and P2P

Not even one day after Windows 7 was officially released as RTM with build 7600 , it is now easier to find on P2P network than Windows Vista. Many people already installed it and every one, and I mean every one, can’t be more happy with this release. It seams that Windows 7 will be a very big seller on October 22th when it will get in store. Who knows, it might even be a bigger release than the iPhone 3G S gave us not even two months ago.

For the record, RTM stand for Release To Manufacturing which means that the actual version is the one who is currently being burned to disks. This version is 100% identical to the one you’ll get on the official release. You might wonder why they are waiting so long for this? Well it is because hardware makers are slow to react and need time to write drivers because they generally ignore the time where given on the beta version.

Link to the original article: http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windows7/archive/2009/07/22/windows-7-has-been-released-to-manufacturing.aspx

Blog template update

Long live Google Analytics
For those how didn’t know, I use Google Analytics to keep track of the popularity of this blog but, sometime, it pay off directly to you; just like this time. When I first started this blog, I decided to use the most compatible layout possible specially when talking about screen resolution. With the help of Google Analytics, I discovered that 99% of the visits are done on a 1024+ horizontal resolution monitor. That mean that I can update the layout to use that space. So I did! This is my first post on a 904 px large text area! This benefit many post like this one which use big tables. I hope you like the new layout. I might do some change again if it better suit the audience.

Breaking News – Intel vs AMD

Intel got over its rival
I just got my hands on a very … let’s say surprising benchmark about the latest Xeon X7460 Nahelem processor. This CPU is in the same line as the Core i7 but are on the server side so we mean business here; and big ones. I will resume my analyze as this even if it might offense AMD fans here (just face it, it is called reality) :

Pick yours : Less than half the price or more than five times faster.

Indeed! Intel regain the first place in the PassMark benchmark with an outstanding score of 25 881 (as of 24 of march 2009) which is 1.9 times faster than the fastest AMD system available on the market who score only 13 600. What is really special here is that where AMD need’s 8 quad core processors to achieve this score, Intel only need 3. Long way to go AMD.

Detailed link here : PassMark High End CPU benchmarks.

Update (25 of march 2009)
A bug seem to have appeard in the benchmarks and the score for the Intel X7460 was replaced by a AMD Sempron 1100 LE which should be in the Mid-End list.

Update (26 of march 2009)
The mark had been silently removed from the web site.

Update (1 of april 2009)
Apparently, the web site was updated and they removed all 2+ processors system from the list and moved them to a separated list named “multi-cpu system”. Still, the X7460 is not back on the list but X7350 (in a quad processor system) score 16 715 which is at least 3 000 better than the fastest AMD with half the number of CPU.