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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Good news!

I now have three months of free time! That means I will release, as promised, my first hardware review next week! I’ll do a checkup with benchmarks on my newest MacBook Pro. I’ve searched the web and no one tested the 15″ MBP with a SSD so it will be a first.

See you next week


Burning school

Reviews will be suspended until the end of the month. College take too much time so I don’t have free time to write anything. See you next month, when I’ll be in vacation!

New arrival, First hardware review

I did it…
Last week, while doing my college homework’s, Windows 7 crashed on me… for the 100th time since my last post (and I’m not exaggerating). I do have patience but I didn’t take that it took my work with him. So, I’ve bought an other computer. That old laptop was very nice but it had a little problem with sleep making it … not that school friendly.

As a result, I decided to go with the best line of laptop for students. Well, at least, that’s what students say. Yes, it’s an Apple computer and it will go well side by side with my Mac Pro. That’s an other review coming… when I’ll have less school work to do. I might also review my last laptop and one from the Sony Vaio line.

Stay tuned for more details